Cablevision EIT RSA SecurID Support

How To Set A Personal Identification Number (PIN) For Your RSA SecurID Hardware (Keyfob) Token.

Before You Begin

  • Familiarize yourself with the 'Terms to Remember' on the RSA Support Main page.
  • Be sure your clicked the 'Activation Link' the distribution e-mail you received from Your token will remain disabled until you click that link.

Setting Your PIN

1. Click this link: to access the RSA Web Express Test Your Token page.

2. Enter your UserID in the User ID field.  Enter the six (6) digit number (Tokencode) displayed on your Keyfob in the Passcode: field. and click the Submit button.

3. The PIN creation page is displayed:

4. Select "I will enter my own PIN" in the PIN Creation Method drop down menu, and press Submit.

(You can allow the system to assign you a random code, but most people prefer to assign a code they can remember more easily.)

5. Enter a four to eight digit number in the New PIN field.  Retype the number in the Confirm PIN field.  Note: THE PIN CANNOT BEGIN WITH ZERO.  Click the Submit button.

6. The test your token page is displayed.  - WAIT FOR YOUR CODE TO CHANGE FROM WHAT IT WAS DURING STEP 2 ABOVE!.

Then enter User ID in the UserID Field and your Passcode in the Passcode field, and press Submit. - Your Passcode is your four (4 to 8) digit PIN combined with the six (6) digit number (Tokencode) currently displayed on your Keyfob.  If your PIN is 4356 and the number on the Keyfob is 897648 then your Passcode is 4356897648. Press Submit

7. A successful authentication message is displayed. If not, please wait for the next code to be displayed and then return to step 6 above.